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We are very aware of the societal stigma that sex offenders deal with, so we are committed to creating a safe space where our clients will be treated with respect and dignity by staff and fellow clients.

The primary goal of our treatment program is to reduce our clients' risk to re-offend sexually by focusing treatment work on the dynamic risk factors identified on the Stable 2007 assessment tool. A secondary and highly valued goal is to improve the overall wellness of our clients' lives.

Within an atmosphere of respect and dignity, our clients are expected to confront painful truths about their problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through providing and receiving honest feedback to and from peers and therapist.

Clients will encounter a combination of standardized and individualized treatment components. Standardized in the sense that most clients attend group and learn a set of core skills in the curriculum, each related to one or more dynamic risk factors. Individualized in the sense that homework assignments will always reflect those issues most problematic to each client, safety plans will reflect a client's progress in treatment and risk level, and some clients may participate in additional treatment for deviant arousal, mental health issues, or other specific high-risk issues.